Thursday, November 20, 2008

The many faces of Daxon

Much like his father, Daxon does not possess a longest of attention spans. This slide show is a perfect example of just how long it can last. You'll notice the first 5 or 6 snapshots are pretty decent....theeeeen genetics kick in, he gets bored and feels the need to entertain himself! What a "goofus" as he would say.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

By decree of the Queen....

Chanel finally got sick of me giving her grief over her late night dates with this here blog punishment? Well, you're lookin at it. I have the great privilege and honor of documenting our 6th anniversary so that I don't jeopardize my chances of making it to #7. I love blogging Chanel!

The official anniversary occurred on November 6th at approximately 11:30am. It was a rather uneventful day other than the suuuuper romantic dinner we enjoyed that evening. There was no exchanging of gifts, being that Chanel has little to no trust in me purchasing gifts for her. She took care of her own anniversary gifting about a month ago while we were on a trip in Las Vegas, a behaviour which I highly encourage as it takes the pressure off of me.
I did, however, score huge points with my ghetto presentation that you see below. By my own admission, I am not creative...but this was a thing of beauty! With the help of google images and power point I loaded these pictures on the digital picture frame in the kitchen so when Chanel brought the boys downstairs for breakfast she saw the images scrolling across the frame. Probably the first creative thing I've ever done. Chanel said it was "so thoughtful" which I interpreted as, "holy crap, he actually came up with this on his own?!"

You're the best Chanel.