Thursday, September 16, 2010

New school year, and I'm LOVING it!

Shane and his new favorite friend, Zoe. She is in our neighborhood and in his class at school. I am betting that you can see why he likes her so much...
Oh, did anyone else out there not go "back to school shopping", or am I the only thoughtless parent out there that didn't buy any new clothes? I am thinking probably so, cause most of the other kids may have well had the tags still hanging off their shirts, and I'm pretty sure Shane's shirt is a size 3. I bet that Ryne will be wearing that same shirt next fall when he's 2. Oh well, that cute smile and blue eyes of his cover up that fact that he has a cheap mom . I like to shop for them later on in the year. Like in about one month from now, when I pull out last years jeans and they come up to their knees, because they grow so fast. So lucky for me I just pass them down the long line of boys that I have, and lucky for Dax since he's first in line.
Classic boy pose by Dax, "the junk grab". I love this picture cause it will never fail to make me laugh. He must be nervous for his first day of school. This boy happens to be Zoe's brother, Braden, one of Daxon's favorite friends. Beautiful family, I'm jealous.
We stayed the weekend not to long ago in Park City and drove past this sign. I knew my boys loved policemen and sheriffs, but I think that this is taking it a little bit too far on their part, don't you?
Ryne is now one year and he's still the happiest and most content kids out there. He's developing quite the personality as well. I could have 100 more of him.