Friday, September 28, 2007


There was some random guy that came up to our table wanting to make balloon things, so, five dollars later he made what is supposed to be a pirate hat, which Brad the birthday boy is wearing, and Daxon a sword. I am sure it is no suprise that they completly exploded two minutes later due to biting of the balloons... a waste?

Well, we did Disneyland again, however this time I let the boys wear their pirate costumes that they are going to wear for Halloween. Shane is wearing the one that I made. Daxon's looked pretty plain next to Shane's so I had to add some details like the trim and the ties. While there I took them to the pirate island and they met Captain Jack Sparrow again. Oh, and a FYI, if you are on the pirate island alone with 2 or more young kids beware because there are caves there that if one child goes into (ie. Daxon) then you have no idea where he/she went because there are multiple exits. Stressful! They were pretty dang cute and I can't wait to dress them up again for Halloween, because then they will have the fake dirty faces and pirate wigs... more pirate pictures to come.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

It's official...

We are moving to... UTAH!!! Brad signed an offer letter, and we are moving in November. It is a long story how it came about, but to make it short, he was offered a territory in Salt Lake. We are really excited to get back to the mountains and family. Beehive State here come the Watts!

Girls Weekend

Well, I just had a exciting weekend with my friends Amy and Sunshine. We stayed at the W Hotel in San Diego and it was really modern almost to a fault. Amy said it kind of reminded her of a really nice college dorm room. Do you see it, too? I am sure that you can guess what the weekend was filled with... you guessed it, shopping, eating, laughing, story telling, bonding, complaining, and more shopping. I am so thankful for such wonderful friends, and I cherished every moment of this past weekend.

I went to the San Diego Museum of Contemporary Art, and as I was walking out of the museum I heard jets flying over my head. I looked up and there was an ad for There were five jets that somehow created the very expensive advertisement. HMMM, it sound like a waste of fuel to me...

What we seemed to do best.... shop.

We ate at Laurel Resturant, which had the coolest atmosphere. I think I loved it even more because it looked like the dining room that I want, just a lot bigger. I love how we all color coordinate with eachother and the resturant. I know, its dorky but I promise it just happened like that, and great friends think alike, right?

Our dinner, and Amy and Sunshine's funny hand positions... I think that Sunshine did the better Vanna White impersonation.

Dessert at Extrodinary Desserts, it was so much fun and I have never been so stuffed in my life. We finally left the place at about midnight and walked back to the hotel. After a full day of walking and shopping you can only imagine the sore feet... It is a sacrifice a girl has to take for cute heels that aren't normally worn. All in all, great weekend and even greater friends...

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I need to see the doctor

So, yesterday morning Daxon woke up screaming and holding his ear.( The previous two nights he was sick and kept both Brad and I up half of the night.) Well, he started saying to me,"Mom, I need to go to the doctor!", then began to cry, and then started screaming that phrase REPEATEDLY. So here I am, contacting the pediatrician only to find that he is booked. They then tell me to take him to an urgent care. They may as well have told me to take him to Tijuana for help, because the last time we took Shane to an urgent care in this town he ended up in the emergency room. So, as I am frantically calling Brad to help me find a decent urgent care, flipping through the phone book, changing a poopie diaper, and putting some clothes on myself, I realize that I don't hear Daxon crying anymore. I run to the garage door to find it unlocked, garage door open and no Dax. I run outside and I see him outside of our gate, walking on the side of the main street sreaming that his ear hurts and that he needs a doctor. This is where I reached the point where I think to myself that I may need a doctor, too. I felt so bad for him, because to him I wasn't hurrying fast enough to get him to the doctor. Five minutes later, we arrived at the hospital, only to find out that they don't take our insurance (why they don't take a PPO, I have no idea because most of the people that live up here don't even have insurance). Shane was screaming because I was out of fruit snacks, and it was past his naptime. Dax and I were so desperate at this point that I decided to pay out of pocket. Come to find out, he had an infection in his ears, throat, nose, and eyes! No wonder he was so uncomfortable. He is now feeling much better, and I have finally regained my composure. I may not need that doctor afterall...

Saturday, September 15, 2007


I am ashamed to say that Brad and I have not been through the temple in over two years! There is no excuse for why that happened, but nonetheless I am very glad that we went today.
Oh, and the reason why I realized that I hadn't been in a couple of years is because my temple clothing was adjusted for a fat, pregnant lady. Yes, the last time I was at the temple I was prego with Shane... AAAHHHH!
Happy Birthday, by the way, to my brother Caleb who is a hippie. You are missed by your nephews.

Contiunation of the awards

Sorry, this post needs to go below the next one to make more sense, but you will still get it... Just read the next one first and then come back to this one. I am still figuring this blog thing out.

For the coolest and nastiest white trash beard the award goes to:
The guy sitting next to the bald dude with the sweet chops

For the best monster truck driver, the award easily goes to:
The 21yr old Canadian chick that drove a truck resembling a Triceratops head
Last but not least the award for the cutest boys there, goes to:
The monster truck loving, Watts hicks

The Monster Trash Rally

As promised to some of you... here are the pictures of the Monster Truck Crash and Bash. The event was held a few miles from our house, so you better believe that there were some sweet looking hicks. Yes, I have the pictures to prove it.

And now for the awards... For the cutest shirt and most colorful hair the award goes to:
Little Miss Sunshine
For the bitchinest mullet, the award goes to:

The Announcer

Who did your top award go to???

Thursday, September 13, 2007

Disneyland with Landon

On Tuesday we were able to meet up with some friends from Utah at Disneyland. Their little boy, Landon was so much fun to watch interact with my boys, especially Daxon. The two were quite a match, because Landon is just as fiesty and active as Dax is. It was great to visit with his parents, Eric and Alisa as well. She is pregnant with a girl and I have to say that I am kind of jealous.

I know, my boys will be mad at me in five years for posting this picture, but I love it because it captures their personalities perfectly. They are pretending to be pirates, but I don't see it. Don't they know that pirates wear clothes? I do have to say though, that I am making Shane a pirate costume for Halloween, and it is turning out better than I was anticipating. Just wait for the pictures and you guys will see for yourselves. Dax is going to be Captian Jack and I am cheating on that one by just buying it. Oh, and yes, they are already practicing their sword fighting and are doing quite well. The sound effects they make are what make it so realistic, or not, and it is great hearing Dax call out to Shane, "Come here me heartie", and Shane will reply,"ARRRGH!"

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Homework and Scavengers

This is what happens when I don't feed Shane often enough... He loves to eat and would be constantly doing so if he could. He is a scavenger and finds things that I forgot that I even had. For example, these unfrosted Pop Tarts, who in the heck would want to eat those other then Shane? I have a child lock on my pantry door that Shane and Daxon have both figured out how to bypass it. What a waste of money that product was.

Well, here is Daxon's very first legitimate homework assignment. He was so excited to do it, and he kept hugging me throughout the process of making it. Now let's hope that this is not the week that he gets kicked out of preschool. Yes, he has already been "written up" twice, and last Wednesday when I picked him up from school he was sitting in front of the principal's office. I didn't know if I should cry or laugh. He has made such an improvement with his "listening skills" in the last few weeks, that it makes it all worth it. Oh, and yes that is a picture of Toby and Ady on his poster...

Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Thank You Aunt Catilin

I captured a cute moment between my two boys. I swear, these moments are few and far between for me. Shane started crying because he hurt his foot while getting into the jeep. Dax felt bad and tried to make him feel better, hence the kiss. Dax can be such a sweet brother to Shane sometimes. These awesome shirts that my boys are wearing are from my 11 year old sister Caitlin. She used some of her back to school money to pay for them. I am sure all of you girls out there can understand what a sacrifice that is. She was so sweet to do that for them. Thanks Aunt Cate.