Sunday, October 2, 2011

Jackson Hole

Is it a prerequisite that when you visit Jackson Hole you have some kind of picture that looks like this? Can you imagine how many photographs that these antlers are in? Here's our contribution to the collection.

We had a blast spending time together in Wyoming for Brad's birthday. There was one downside, however, and I happened to get that moment photographed...

...This is what happens when you mix dinner, sunshine, outdoor table, aluminum covered butter, a curious Shane, and a squeeze. I am still laughing. Brad's not.

Do you like Daxon's Jack-O-Lantern teeth? He's rich with gold dollars right now from all of his recent tooth fairy visits.

We spent a TON of time in the car and I rediscovered a gem. Mad Libs! Here are a couple phrases that elicited giggles.

"Bears spend most of their time hiking or farting. They look very beautiful, but if you make them squishy, they might bite your Di Luigi. Bears will come up to your car and beg for bananas. They will stand on their hind legs and clap their boogers together and pretend to be soft."

"Spelunking is dangerous, do be sure to wear special shoes with baseballs on them and a hat with a battery-powered junk."

The Jenny Lake boat ride and hike, which happened to be a favorite. Hmm, I wonder why?