Monday, February 16, 2009

thanks brad

Brad took me on a quick weekend to San Diego a week ago and I love him for it. He is amazing and he is even better company. I only took one picture and here it is... Another highlight from the weekend, I got to spend a littlie bit of time with Amy and girls. I miss them.
Ski days are my favorite. Here is the boys with uncle cort... That was a great powder day, it was.

Shane had a birthday on Jan. 13. My baby is three now, very sad. He does however make a very cute ninja.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Ski School's Over


Every Wednesday for the past 6 weeks has been ski day for me and the boys. Daxon's pre-school has a ski school program that he has been enrolled in the past two years. Wednesdays are a hectic but fun day around here. This past Wednesday, however, was Daxon's last lesson and he was not too happy about that. This was also Shane's first year on skiis and he did awesome! After 3 weeks of hard core training with his "tarness" as he says, he was ready to fly solo. (In case you don't speak Shaner, a tarness is really a ski harness.) A couple of weeks ago when Shane was ready to go on his own, Daxon yelled to him, "Shaner! No tarness? You're a genius!!"