Sunday, November 1, 2009


Are Ryne's cheeks to die for or what? And why is it that dad's can only get a smile like this one? What, am I not cute or funny enough? At least I am feeding him well enough.

As for the trick or treating... Dax and Shane were in heaven. They filled their bags with candy but were pretty disappointed when they came home and were only allowed to keep 10 of their favorites. Those 10 candies each are already GONZO! Brad and I came downstairs this morning to wrappers everywhere. They woke up early this morning, tiptoed to the kitchen, found their candy, and helped themselves to some breakfast. Yeah, I love Halloween! When we tried to feed them some real breakfast, Shane refused to eat his cereal because, " I forgot to do my exercise this morning, and Daxon has his breaf (breath) all over my cereal, so I can't eat it." Whatever.

Ok, so I'm not very creative when it comes to costumes for myself. I refuse to put much thought into it and so all I can come up with is a witch. Boring.

How cute does Ryne look by the way? I can't believe how fast he is changing, it makes me sad.

It snowed here a few days ago. So, of course the boys had to get the whole snow get-up on. They had a blast for about 30 minutes until Shane came inside crying because "someone" threw a snowball in his face. Hmmm... I wonder who it could have been? Not that sweet boy in the green jacket, there's no way he would do something like that.