Sunday, July 29, 2007

Bloody Nose

I forgot to put this picture with my last post. OOPS! Well the other day Shane woke up early from his nap screaming, so as I run into his room I see blood all over his face and blanket. Not something that you expect to see when you check on your kid. I freaked out thinking something horrible happened, until Shane started laughing at me and I realized it was just his nose.
Oh, and yes, that is a light purple and white binkie. I thought that I lost all of his other 10 binkies so I had to make a mad dash over to Target and get more and all they had were pink with flowers, or purple with polka dots. Hmmm...I chose the less feminine of the two. The next day I found the lost binkies in a hidden pocket of a bag that we packed for a trip that we went on a few days before. Well, just yesterday I asked Brad to boil the binkies, bad idea, he put the binkies in the boiling water and went outside to wash the car. One hour passes, Brad still outside, and I am welcomed home by stanky burning plastic stench . I ran to the stove and found a puddle of melted binkies in the pot with the water long evaporated. I hope Target has a new stash of more masculine looking binkies...

Latest Happenings with the Watts Clan

Brad and I got to stay in a really sweet hotel last week. It is in San Jose and the whole setup and decor of the hotel is very unique. It was right accross the street from an Anthropologie and a Z Gallerie, so that is probably why I love the hotel so much. If any of you get up that way I highly recommend Hotel Valencia on Santana Row. We then made it down to Santa Cruz and Monterey. I have to say that that area is one of the most beautiful places in our country.

Oh, my sweet baby Shane. I just love him. I have been so impressed how tough that he is . He wants to play with Daxon so bad that he puts up with a lot of intentional pushing and rough housing from his older brother and cries for about half of a second and then gets up for more with a smile on his face. It is so much fun to finally feel like they are buddies, and can play well together.
Daxon is on a pirate kick lately. When he asks Brad and I to play with him he asks me to be the princess and Brad to be the pirate, or he asks me to be Miss Swan and Brad to be Captain Jack and Dax plays the part of Will Turner. Let me just say that Daxon is great at saving me from his dad... This is a picture of Dax and Shane playing pirates. The upside-down bench is a pirate ship, and I don't know what the BYU hat and the glasses are well...sweet. And yes, more often than not my boys are dressed just like you see here.

Monday, July 16, 2007

Devil's Gate

Well, I should have put this picture in my blog a while ago, but I kind of spaced it. I have more that I should probably put in as well. I had the opportunity to go on a trek last month in Wyoming without my kids and husband. It was so much fun. I am pictured here with my mom and my sister. We had to wear pioneer get-up the entire 4 long days. It was definately more of a spiritual experience than it was fun. My great-grandfather, Gibson Condie, was one of the rescuers for the Martin and Willie handcart companies. It was great to learn more about him and see his name on the plaques. It is definatly a trip that every Mormon family, that has older kids, should do. Well worth the time. One of the highlights was that one of my cousins had her daughter baptized in the Sweetwater River right between Devil's Gate, and Martin's Cove. If you can take a trailer with you do it because there are no bathing facilities... Luckily, we had a trailer, thanks to my dad. Oh yeah, I made the aprons that are in this picture for the trip.
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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Daxon and Ady

Amy these pictures are for you since you posted some of all the kids on your blog not to long ago. I am loving all of the pink in this picture, but most of all I am loving how happy that they look which only happens fifty percent of the time that they are together. Obviously the other half they are in an all out war with eachother. We love you guys! Posted by Picasa

Shane and Cece

Well, here is, as Daxon used to say,"bobby cececece, and bobby shaaay", playing at the park the last time that we made it down to San Diego. We miss you guys.
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Monday, July 9, 2007

Team SwattS

I love these boys! I just can't decide which one that I love the most...
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I am so popular!

Sorry that I haven't kept this blog up to date very well... We have been out of town ALOT recently. It is sure nice to be home finally. My boys are in this mommy phase right now and they both fight over my attention. They both won and both found a spot on me on which to fall asleep. Yes, I was in heaven. It is times like these that I realize how lucky that I am to be a mother.
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