Sunday, June 6, 2010

Ryne at 10 months

He woke up from his nap today with his hair like this, no joke. Awesome bud!
He just started showing an interest in standing up and attempting the whole walking thing. He took his first step this afternoon. Can you tell how excited we were?
In his backpack at Zions. Thanks Ash for the recommendation of the ERGO backpack.
Who does he look most like to you?

Where do I begin...?

As you can see it has been a little while between posts on this here blog...there IS a good reason, I promise! Between finishing with ski lessons for the boys, my parents getting divorced, Ryne burning his little hand on the fireplace, end of the year school programs, digging the trampoline out of the ground to fix it and re-bury it, a vacation half way around the world in Bali, coach pitch and tee-ball games and practices, vacations to Zion National Park and St. George, starting my first garden, and finishing our basement.....blogging seemed to find a comfortable spot on the back burner.

Here's some pictures to attempt to catch up a bit.

Playing in the water in St. George water park place (I have no clue what the place is really called)
You tell me he doesn't look like a future Major Leaguer!!
Daxon and Shane had turned on the fire place one morning without Brad or I knowing...Ryne crawled over and put his hand right on the glass! There's nothing worse than your child screaming in pain. We had to keep his hand bandaged up like this for about 2 weeks. Luckily it healed perfectly, no scars at all.
Ryne escaped from his baby carrier thing for a few seconds to play in the sand at Emerald Pool.
Daxon at the upper Emerald Pool in Zion.
Hiking the Watchman Trail, this picture is a novelty because its about the only time Brad wasn't carrying Shane!
That is not a piece of poo in Shane's hand, OK? It's an energy bar, which he asked for about every 30 seconds along our hikes.
On the Emerald Pool Trail...

Overlooking Mount Batur Volcano in Bali with our best friends Todd and Ashley Harris.
On the cliffs edge at one of the Hindu Temples.