Sunday, March 29, 2009

Read from bottom to top....

When they got bored with their bikes, the ramp turned into this....

As you can see in the background, Brad ripped out part of the rock wall to re-do it...the boys were so disappointed that their "rock jump" was gone, Brad had to build a new one, to which Daxon said, "oooooohhhhh, Sweeeeet Dad!"

And Shane's "monster truck rally" course
Daxon's bike jump...

The rock wall in our front yard served a greater purpose than just to make our tiny yard look beeautiful....

Lots to catch up on...

Our bi-yearly ritual... Taking the boys' full "missionary jar" to the bank where Grammy Paula works. We are already teaching Daxon and Shane to save for their missions and college.

My little brother Cameron last Wednesday on his way to the Missionary Training Center, good luck in Oklahoma City Elder Christian! In 2 years we'll take this same picture and see who's changed the most...

The boys (with Aunt Caitlin's help) found some sweet costumes...we're still trying to figure out what Shane is dressed up as

Look at these handsome boys! Shane is just a tiny bit more photogenic than his older brother who can't see to smile normal.


Daxon never ceases to amaze's another example of his skillz. He would spend all day in the terrain park if we'd let him. He was so proud of himself for "landing it".

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Wanna Catch Up!

Daxon and Shane came up with this "game" that they play on the couch. It goes like this: they stand on either side of the couch and yell, "Here's the rules, here's the rules...wanna catch up!!!" Daxon usually wins, as you will see.


Sunday, March 1, 2009

It's a Boy!

Yep, no mistaking this's a boy...AGAIN! I am very excited and even more overwhelmed. So, here's to the ER visits, thousands of baseball games, keeping the Giro helmet company in business, many more ski days, and playing referee around the house.