Monday, April 18, 2011

In the meantime...

I know, I have been ignoring my blog for far too long. In fact so long, that I don't even check it anymore. It, embarrassingly enough, reminds me about being a prepubescent girl writing my secret thoughts in a diary. It began as a daily occurence and over time all of my entries began to look like this...

"Dear Diary,
I'm sorry that I haven't written you in sooo long. I have been so busy. This is who I like now... "

Brings back memories right?(Please don't ask me to finish that sentence. I'm just remembering how every entry mentioned boys, unfortunately.) Well, I am going to attempt to get back in the groove of blogging, especially after a recent purchase of a new camera. For some reason I am feeling like blogging will somehow help with the justification of the expense. Does it, please?

We just got back last night from a week long trip to Texas and I am currently working on a post to document our vacation. In the meantime here is a little picture of Ryne. I get a lump in my throat just looking at him and how quickly he is growing up. Can I still consider him a baby?