Tuesday, February 26, 2008


I want badly to tell you that I did this on purpose to elicit laughs, buuuut I can't. I am really coordinated.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Ok, so a few days has turned into a week...or so-

I finally have a moment on my husband's computer to share updates on the new house. The outside is now pretty much done except for doors and finishing stuff. Here is the kitchen. The island is in the wrong place... needs to be moved to the right a bit, and the cabinets are quite a bit grayer in person. The counter tops are going to be a really simple dark gray granite, and I am envisioning white subway tiles as a backsplash, and white walls. Red is the accent color...a bright glossy red for my bar stools. I made a chandalier ( how do you spell that?) to go over the dining room table, pictures to come.

Dax loves watching his new house be built and sometimes he thinks that it is falling apart if there is a lot of crap on the ground. We are standing in the family room. Do you love the tiny base boards that we are going to tear out as soon as we can and re-do them ourselves? Richmond American wanted to charge a butt load to put in the stuff that I really wanted. Forget that. I have a really handy general contractor father-in-law.
Oh Dax... you are so cute, and I love you soooooo much! I love watching your excitment. He has started noticing girls, but most of the girls that he notices have dark hair. Like the girl at his old preschool that he more than once came home from school talking about. "Mom, that girl is really cute", is what he would say. I hope that he always tells me things like that, you know, and not be embarassed. Brad asked him the other day who his best friend was and he said,"Miley Cyrus, cause she is really cute, dad." I am in trouble...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Moving Again!

So, while our new house is in the works, we are moving in with my parents starting this week. They just arrived from Palm Springs on Saturday and it is so weird to think that the entire Christian clan now live in Utah. My in-laws live with-in 20 minutes of us, which means both sets of grandparents super close. I never would have pictured this to happen for some reason, but I really love it. It is exciting. I am so glad that we made the decision to move here and family was reason numero uno for doing so. Now comes the juggling of where to go on Sundays for family dinners and holidays, something very new to me.
Here is a picture of the house just for you Kesli! It was taken just last week. Wait until I post another one in a couple of days, because it looks really different. It acutally looks like a house! The inside is sheetrocked (is that how you spell that?) and the outside is 99% done.