Saturday, December 27, 2008

I have a confession

So, why does salty stuff like cashews, ham, veggies, beef jerky, and ketchup sound so much better than...
sugary things like cake, cookies, diet coke, and all the holiday treats hanging around in my kitchen?
Here goes the confession, I am pregnant with child number three! Woohoo!

Friday, December 12, 2008

Happy Birthday Daxon!

I have a five year old... and it feels weird. I feel like the days are numbered when he will cuddle with me anytime. He loves little babies and asks me every day for a baby sister. He even wrote on his Christmas list that he wanted Santa to bring him a sister. I have a feeling he might be disappointed, but it melts my heart. He is so sweet, and yes, VERY active at the same time. Here is a few things that I love about Daxon:
1. When I drop him and Shane off at school, Dax will walk Shane to his class just to make sure he gets there OK. Shane sometime says that he is shy and nervous for school, so I think that this is a very thoughtful thing for Dax to do.
2. He makes his bed by himself about half of the week.
3. He just learned to tie his shoes last week, which I really appreciate.
4. He is learning how to read and is trying to group random letters together. This is how a conversation will go, over and over and over again. DAX: "Mom, what does this say... QRSSEEEEP? (as he carefully pronounces every letter) ME: "Um, Dax that doesn't spell anything." DAX:" What does this say, PIPE" ME: "Hey! That spells pipe." DAX:" Yeah I know how to spell things now! Mom, what does this say, OTE?" ME:"Hmm..."
5. Sometimes when he gets hurt, feels sad, or just wants me, he will come up to me and say," Mom, I want you to cuddle with me. Sometimes little boys just need their mommies."
6. My other favorite thing that he says," Mom, I need to tell you something... you're beautiful."
Oh Daxon, I love you.