Saturday, March 22, 2008

The kitchen thus far

I don't know why, but the color of the wood floor in this picture makes it look more golden than it really is in person. It really bugs me. The dark grey counter tops are really dirty too, but I have yet to see the actual color of them as this is how I have only seen them, really dusty. I am ordering my backsplash this week so I am really excited about that. I still have yet to find my two pendent lights that go over the island. Any suggestions?
We are supposed to close on the house the first week in April so it is coming up quick...

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mmmm, trees taste good

Daxon is a pretty good little skier...Brad couldn't be happier! This run didn't quite work out as planned, however.

Brad is weird

So we all know that my husband is a bit weird, right? After 5 years I've learned to accept it, but the problem is that he's rubbing off on Daxon too! We went skiing on Saturday and in preparation to go Brad always has to tape his socks so that they don't slide down while he is skiing because as he says, "its just really obnoxious when your socks get bunched up in your ski boots, so i try to prevent that from happening." Daxon saw him doing it and just HAD to have tape on his socks too!

Snowmobiling the Alpine Loop last week...we are at the Timpanogos trail head parking lot, if you've ever climbed Timp.
We still don't know where Shane got his big blue eyes.

Saturday, March 1, 2008


Allow me to explain myself. I have come to the understanding that many of you who have seen my graceful fall on my @$$ are trying to figure out what the crap I was doing in the first place. What I was SO obviously trying to do was go through an obstacle course that I set up for my and my friend Amy's kids while at a climbing gym. After about an hour of them easily running over and through the course, they wanted me to do it with them. You can see how far I got... not even past obstacle numero uno.